Doing business in / with Ukraine and The Netherlands

Interested parties can turn to the Nethelands-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC) for information about doing business in Ukraine. The NUCC can also help Ukrainian organizations with doing business in the Netherlands and helping them with establishing relevant contacts. The Netherlands is the second largest investor in Ukraine. There have been many profitable business relation between the two countries and thanks to the DCFTA trade deal, doing business between Ukraine and the Netherlands has become a lot easier.

Some advantages of the Ukrainian market include:

  • A consumer market of approximately 42.42 million people
  • A well-trained workforce, especially many IT workers
  • Favourable geographical location connecting European, Russian and Asian markets
  • A mild climate and one of the most fertile agricultural lands in Europe
  • Significant coal and also oil and gas reserves
  • A well-developed transport infrastructure
  • A long tradition of scientific research and development

Ukraine is a developing country, and there are still plenty of challenges in the areas of economics, politics and transparency. However, positive developments in these areas have recently been clearly visible. From 2019, there is a new government that is actively modernizing the political and financial system and is working intensively with agencies such as the IMF and the World Bank.

On these sites you will find more information about the economic situation in Ukraine.