The honorary consul

Emiel de Sévrèn Jacquet has been the honorary consul of Ukraine since 2020. He is the founder of Holland Financial Network B.V. in Amsterdam and owner of a variety of (recruitment) businesses. He also is a board member of AMADE Nederland, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that fights for the rights of children regardless of origin, nationality and religion. In addition, he frequently organizes high level network events, such as the Nationale Aspergepartij and the HFN Conferences, that are visited by politicians, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and members of the Royal family. He is also the initiator of the Ukrainian – Dutch Tulip Festival. An initiative to plant 100.000 tulips in Kyiv.

Emiel de Sévrèn Jacquet, Honorary Consul of Ukraine in the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Whilst the role of an honorary consul varies per country and per consul, the most important task is to strengthen the relations between both countries in areas such as trade, culture and science.

Following the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, the role of a consul can be defined as:

  • Protecting the interests of the state he represents, and the subjects;
  • Promoting trade and economic, cultural and scientific relations;
  • Observing and reporting on economic, commercial and cultural life;
  • Representing nationals of the sending State (Ukraine) before judicial and other authorities in the absence of those nationals;
  • protecting the interests of nationals of the sending State who are minors or otherwise incapable of acting;
  • signing documents;
  • representing positions in the absence of the ambassador;
  • assisting seagoing and inland waterway vessels as well as aircraft of the nationality of the sending State and their crews.

The honorary consulate covers the provinces of North Holland, South Holland and Utrecht.